Ortho-k: Why It’s Like Braces for Your Eyes

If you’re nearsighted, orthokerotology, or ortho-k, can improve your daily vision without the use of glasses or contacts worn throughout the day. It’s a safe method of treatment that’s appropriate for both children and adults who desire improved vision without the constant use of corrective lenses. Your eye doctor in Hummelstown, PA, can tell you more about the many benefits of ortho-k and why it’s like braces for your eyes.

How Does Ortho-K Correct Your Vision?

This treatment uses special contact lenses that you wear only at night. These lenses work by temporarily reshaping, or flattening, your cornea.

Your cornea is the flexible, dome-shaped window in the front of your eye that collects and focuses light onto your retina. When it becomes misshapen, things can go out-of-focus, and you need corrective lenses to improve your vision. However, because the cornea is so malleable, you can temporarily reshape it by wearing special contact lenses for short periods of time. These are usually worn at night while you sleep, and they flatten the curve of your cornea to correct myopia.

As long as you wear your special contacts intermittently, they will continue to flatten and reshape your cornea. If you stop wearing them, your cornea will retain its prior curvature, and your myopia will return.

Is Ortho-K Painful?

Ortho-K is not painful, however, you may be able to feel the special contact lenses in your eyes at first. This sensation fades as you fall asleep, and just like regular contact lenses, you’ll stop noticing it over time. This treatment usually takes place throughout stages, meaning you’ll use differently shaped contacts to reshape your cornea until it’s where you need it to be. Once this step is achieved, you’ll use a retainer lens at night to maintain your daylight vision.

Why Should I Choose Ortho-K?

Most patients who choose ortho-k don’t want to be restricted by eyeglasses or contact lenses during the day. By wearing lenses when you sleep, you avoid having to address myopia throughout your school or work day.

If you’re interested in learning more about ortho-k in Hummelsville, PA, the vision specialists at Kirman Eye are always willing to sit down with you to discuss this revolutionary treatment. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.

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