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Did you know that when you purchase eyewear from Kirman Eye you are purchasing a locally made product? Your lenses are made in Hummelstown by a top independent laboratory. This allows us to get your new glasses made quickly and at a high quality.

Kirman Eye offers the best lens products on the market and the newest technology. Our lenses are digitally surfaced to ensure the best optics available. Having digital technology allows us to work with even the most complicated prescriptions and specialty lenses. Our experienced opticians can help you find the best frame and lens options for your needs.

Some of the lens technology that we offer are:

Blue-light: The shortest, highest energy wavelengths on the light spectrum. Research studies have shown that these light rays can disrupt sleep patterns by causing shifts in a person’s Circadian Rhythm. With a  majority of people using digital screens, 60% of Americans report symptoms of digital eyestrain from extended screen time. Blue-light has also been implicated in the development of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Our blue-light blocking lenses will filter out the blue-light before it reaches your eye.

Office: Our line of office lenses are designed for today’s heavy computer usage. Based on your office, work station, or setting, there are four design ranges to choose from: (1-4′, 1′-7′, 1-14′, and 1-20′). All of our office lenses are blue-light blocking and have an anti-glare coating built in to them. They are all warrantied for two years and come with our satisfaction guarantee.

Night Driving: Driving at night has unique problems with the natural lower light conditions. Good anti-reflective coatings are the best way to decrease glare and minimize distracting oncoming headlights. Anti-reflective coatings work by reducing internal reflections within the lenses (reducing halo problems) and increasing transmittance of light through the lens to help it reach the eyes.

Polarized Lenses: Sunglasses can either be tinted darker than normal in your choice of grey or brown, or you can have the added benefit of polarized lenses. Polarization blocks the sun’s blinding glare and is extremely beneficial in any water conditions (pools, lakes, rivers, oceans). It is also beneficial in the winter’s snow, and any other time when in full sun conditions.

Transition Lenses: Photochromatic lenses self tint from clear indoors, to dark when out in the suns’s ultraviolet light. There are three main choices of transition lenses depending on how you want them to work for you.

Mirror Coats: Mirror coats add extra blockage from the sun’s bright light. They reflect more sunlight away from the eyes and come in a variety of colors.  Mirror coats can be added to non-polarized, or polarized lenses.

"What Our Patients Are Saying"

"Dr. (Shahane) Kirman was a special doctor, and so is his son. I have been a patient with this practice for just about 50 years. I totally trust them with my vision care." - Judy B.

Dr. (Shahane) Kirman was a special doctor, and so is his son. I have been a patient with this practice for just about 50 years. I totally trust them with my vision care.

- Judy B.

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