5 Common Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury

Unfortunately, a traumatic brain injury is as bad as it sounds. Occurring due to a violent blow to the head or body, it can also result from an object penetrating brain tissue, which happens with gunshots or when a skull is shattered. While various symptoms follow, some are directly related to a person’s vision. Here are five common symptoms of TBI that your eye doctor in Hummelstown, PA will look for.

1. Blurred Vision

After even what is considered to be a mild traumatic brain injury occurs, blurred vision is a common symptom. Affecting one or both eyes, this symptom can display itself immediately following the injury, or perhaps not until days or weeks later.

2. Sensitivity to Light

Also common after a mild TBI, a person may start to experience extreme sensitivity when their eyes are exposed to sunlight, fluorescent lighting, or simply standard lighting inside their home. When this symptom appears, wearing sunglasses can be of some help until additional medical treatment is given.

3. Dilation of One or Both Pupils

When one or both pupils are dilated, there is no doubt whatsoever the person has suffered a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury. A very common symptom following concussions, it is imperative medical treatment be sought as soon as possible, since this symptom is often a precursor to more serious issues.

4. Persistent Headaches Above the Eyes

With any type of TBI, most victims suffer persistent and sometimes very painful headaches, especially above their eyes. However, this can be mistaken for a tension headache or a headache associated with eye strain. Therefore, if a person has suffered a violent blow to the head or body and begins exhibiting such symptoms, a visit to the doctor is urgently needed.

5. Blindness

In rare situations, a blow to the head can result in blindness that is usually temporary. This can occur more with younger children than adults, since children’s skulls are more fragile and still developing.

If you have a family member who begins to display these symptoms or you yourself are having these symptoms, seek medical help at once. By getting help from your physician as well as your eye doctor in Hummelstown, PA, the effects of a traumatic brain injury may be curtailed so that they impact your life as little as possible.

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