Kicks for a Good Cause

Karen, our CFO, approached Kirman Eye with a wonderful idea during our staff meeting on October 31, 2018. We were going to hold a staff shoe drive for a charity that her friend, Elizabeth, supports. For two weeks employees brought in shoes of all sorts that they no longer needed. When Elizabeth came to pick up the shoes one Friday morning, we had two huge boxes filled to the brim! So much so, that we had to fill a trash bag to keep the shoes from falling out!

The House of Cherish is a non-profit organization headquartered in Atlanta that assists women and children that have been rescued from sex-slave trading. In order to raise funds for this worthy cause, unneeded and/or unwanted shoes in any condition are collected. The House of Cherish receives funding from a price-per-pound paid to the charity on the total weight of shoe donations. The shoes are then sent to third world countries, where villagers are taught to repair the shoes and then sell the shoes to provide income for their families.

Currently the organization is no longer accepting shoe donations. We are glad to have been part of helping this worthy cause!

Fun In A Field

Even though Halloween just passed, ghosts were still floating around on this windy day! On November 3 2018, Phillip Kirman, Assistant Marketing Coordinator, and Dr. Gary Kirman, OD, attended “Fall Festival” at George Park on behalf of Kirman Eye. The event took place in Lower Paxton Township, right behind Paxtonia Elementary School. The festival was free for everyone and included games, prizes, food trucks, hay rides, and more!

Kirman Eye set up a tent and offered brochures for the adults, and a craft for children. Using lens cleaning cloths, Tootsie Pops, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners, children made little ghosts! The event was successful and hundreds of children enjoyed the craft. Come out next year and see what we have in mind!

Walking the Talk

On September 27 2018, Dr. Gary Kirman, OD, spoke about early detection and treatment of age-related Macular Degeneration at the William H. & Marion C. Alexander Library. He also presented his research and shared his 4 years of experience using the Adapt DX Instrument. The core purpose was to raise the awareness of the current diagnostic technology available to diagnose the presence of AMD, before vision loss occurs.

Kirman Eye Cares

Did you know you can recycle contact lenses and contact lens packages?

Kirman Eye partners with Bausch and Lomb, a top lens company, to reduce our environmental footprint. Bausch and Lomb also donates two dollars to “Optometry Giving Sight” for every two pounds recycled! There is a box located just inside our front door where you can drop your old contact lens products during our normal office hours.

Kirman Eye also partners with the Hummelstown Lions Club to collect your unwanted glasses and sunglasses for those who are in need. There is a small box located next to the Bausch and Lomb box where you can drop them off.

Together we can save the Earth and help our neighbors!