What to Expect During Your LipiFlow Treatment

Do you have dry eyes caused by meibomian gland dysfunction and don’t want to use eyedrops every day? If so, you might benefit from LipiFlow dry eye treatment. With help from your eye doctor in Hummelstown, PA, you can complete this FDA-approved treatment to gently remove the blockages in your glands and get relief from dry eyes. Ready to get started? Here’s what you can expect during LipiFlow treatment.

Get Anesthetic Eye Drops

Although LipiFlow doesn’t hurt, your dry eyes are probably already quite irritated. So, to avoid irritating them further, your treatment will start with anesthetic eye drops. These drops effectively numb the eye tissues, so you can rest comfortably while the device works it magic.

Place the LipiFlow Activator

After giving the anesthetic eye drops a little time to work, your eye doctor will have you lie back in the treatment chair, and then put the activator over your first eye. The activator looks like a small oval disc that comfortably fits right over your closed eye and gently hugs your upper and lower eyelids. There are wires that run from the outer surface of the activator over to the console.

Application of Gentle Heat

With the activator in place, your eye doctor can start the treatment. They’ll use the console to input your settings and turn on the activator. The device will then send gentle heat to your eyelids, helping break up the blockage in your meibomian glands in that eye.

After just a few minutes, you’ll have the treatment steps repeated for the other eye. For both eyes, the full treatment only takes about 12 minutes to complete from start to finish. You’ll likely notice results within a couple days, although it could take up to two full weeks.

Ready to Treat Your Dry Eyes with LipiFlow?

If you’d like to explore whether LipiFlow treatments in Hummelstown, PA, are right for you, just call our team at 717-566-3216. We’ll help you find a convenient time to come into our eyecare clinic and explore your care options. Your eye doctor will help you find the best treatment for your needs, and then provide all the care you need to find relief from dry eyes.

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