Bifocal Contact Lenses: An Introduction with FAQs

Bifocal contact lenses allow people who normally must rely on bifocal eyeglasses to get rid of their glasses and still see just as well in their day-to-day lives. If you wear bifocal eyeglasses, it is a good idea to talk to your eye doctor about bifocal lenses. Here is a look at some of the general questions you may have and the answers you will want to know.

Who is a good candidate for bifocal contact lenses?

Bifocal lenses tend to be a good option for patients who have been diagnosed with presbyopia, which is a condition that affects your ability to see objects up-close. If you already have bifocal lenses, you may have presbyopia or another condition that affects your vision capabilities when it comes to looking at objects in close proximity. People tend to be the best candidates for bifocal contact lenses as well if:

  • They do not have other eye health conditions like dry eye syndrome
  • They are comfortable with wearing contact lenses; not every patient is comfortable
  • They are vigilant about eye health, do not smoke, and can follow guidelines for changing lenses

How do bifocal contact lenses work?

Bifocal contact lenses work in much the same way as bifocal eyeglasses, they have separated sections that offer different optical adjustments. Therefore, you will see things differently depending on what direction you are focusing your eyes. For example, if you are looking downward, as you would while reading, you will see things in a certain way, but if you are looking straight ahead, you will see things a certain way.

Are bifocal contact lenses expensive?

Bifocal contact lenses can be a bit more expensive than traditional lenses simply because they are made differently with specific features. Nevertheless, the lenses are considered affordable and may be covered by certain types of medical insurance.

Let’s Talk About Specialty Contact Lenses in Hummelstown

Trading in your bifocal eyeglasses for bifocal contact lenses can really be a positive change in your life. Even though not every optometric patient is a good candidate for contact lenses, many are. Reach out to us at Kirman Eye in Hummelstown, PA to schedule an appointment to discuss contact lens options for you.


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