The General Traumatic Brain Injury Visual Assessment  

Vision is one of the most complex senses that we possess as humans. Many years of medical research have given new insight into just how much the brain can affect how we see. When you know this, it is easier to understand why individuals who sustained any type of brain injury may have problems with their vision. After a traumatic brain injury, it is critical that you are properly evaluated for visual issues. Here is a quick overview of how the traumatic brain injury visual assessment takes place.

The Initial Visual Screening Questionnaire

The very first thing your eye doctor will want to do when you come in for a traumatic brain injury visual assessment is a questionnaire. This questionnaire will generally ask you about:

  • The nature of the brain injury
  • Changes in your vision since the injury took place
  • Symptoms you have experienced with your vision and their severity

The answers given will determine how the eye doctor will proceed with further testing.

Screening for Visual Integrity or Acuity

A visual integrity screening includes using the Snellen Chart or Lea Symbol Test. These tests are similar to ordinary tests given during a typical visual exam and determine how well you are seeing specific objects at different distances or in different types of lighting.

Screening for Visual Efficiency and Skills

Brain injuries are commonly related to problems with visual efficiency and skills. Each individual can have a unique set of symptoms in these areas, and a series of unique tests may be used to evaluate the symptoms. A few things the eye doctor will be examining during visual efficiency and skills tests include:

  • Near eye alignment
  • Near convergence
  • Visual sequencing
  • Visual-motor skills
  • Spatial recognition
  • Eye teaming
  • Visual field skills and deficits

Learn About Traumatic Brain Injury Visual Assessment with a Hummelstown, PA Eye Doctor

Any time an individual has sustained a brain injury, it is imperative that they do get the proper evaluation by an optometrist. At Kirman Eye, we offer a full visual assessment for people who may have had their vision affected by a brain injury. Please reach out to us today to schedule an appointment if you need a qualified eye doctor in Hummelstown, PA.


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