We offer a wide variety of designer sunglasses. We’ll be glad to assist you with choosing the right pair that will look great and protect you from harmful blue light and UV exposure.



Our opticians will help you find the perfect frame for your look and your prescription. Our optical boutique has more than 900 frames for you to choose from, most of which are available in multiple colors.

Glasses Fittings


Our opticians can make small adjustments to your frame to make your glasses the most comfortable they can be.

Glasses for Kids


For children who need glasses, we have a wide variety of colorful, fun frames for them to choose from. Our opticians will help your child find the perfect frame to help vision and confidence.

Safety Glasses


Does your job require you to wear safety eyewear?

More than 600,000 eye injuries related to sports occur annually. Among these, more than 90% of the injuries could have been prevented with the right protective eyewear.

Glasses Repairs


Whether it's a missing nosepad, or a broken temple, our opticians will get your glasses back in shape. Stop by anytime we are open and an optician will be here to help you.




Opticians Moriah, Jeff, Sue, Tina and Casey wearing blue mirror Maui Jim Sunglasses.










UV Exposure Statistics

• UV exposure damages more than just your skin.

• Studies have indicated that UV exposure can contribute to problems with eye health, such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

• UV exposure can also cause skin cancer around the eye on surrounding skin and lids.

• As parents, keep in mind that children receive 80% of their lifetime sun exposure before they are 18! It’s very important to protect their eyes (and yours) with a quality pair of sunglasses.

The Right Sunglasses for Healthy Eyewear

Quality, polarized sunglasses are a great investment. They protect your eyes and also significantly reduce glare, which increases the clarity of your vision.

Talk to your human resources department and find out if your vision insurance gives you any type of benefit toward sunglasses. In some cases, they will pay an allowance toward prescription sunglasses.

Remember, you wouldn’t spend a long time outdoors without sunblock on your skin... protect your eyes as well!


Types of Kid’s Eyewear and Our Recommendations

Sports glasses are an important part of eyewear needs for children and teens. We carry Rec Specs and Liberty Sports Eyewear. Our technicians will be happy to help your child find the perfect fit for the sport they play!

More than 600,000 eye injuries related to sports occur annually. Among these, more than 90% of the injuries could have been prevented with the right protective eyewear.

• When buying sports eye protection for outdoor sports, we recommend 100% UVA and UVB protection.

• For both indoor and outdoor sports, we suggest adding anti-reflective coating to increase comfort and visual quality.

• We also suggest using a sports band or retention strap to ensure that the frame stays in place.

Our optometrists are dedicated to providing top-notch eyewear for your children. We invite you to come see the selection of eyewear in our optical boutique, conveniently located in downtown Hummelstown (near Harrisburg and Hershey, PA).






























Lens Cleaning Instructions

• Clean your lenses daily with anti-reflective cleaner or a mild liquid detergent such as Dawn (optician recommended). Rinse with lukewarm water and dry with a clean, soft cloth or towel that is free from fabric softener.

• If lenses are dusty or covered in debris, rinse thoroughly with water before wiping to avoid scratching the lenses.

• Please see us for the purchase of cleaning spray. Avoid exposing the lenses to hairspray, household spray cleaners, and chemicals as they can break down lens coatings.

• Cleaning cloths can be machine washed, but skip the fabric softener as it smears the lenses. New cleaning cloths are always available

Lens Warranty Information


• Lenses with anti-glare coating : 2 year warranty against scratches and lens defects

• Lenses without anti-glare coating : 1 year scratch warranty

• Frames : 1 year warranty for manufacture defects

Additional Care Tips

• Avoid exposing your glasses and sunglasses to excessive heat, such as keeping them in your car.

• Keep your glasses in a case when they are not in use. Do not lay glasses face down on any surface. Our motto is "off the face, in the case!"



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