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How we started

In 1958 Shahane T. Kirman, O.D. opened his door to the public as a small, hometown family optometry office. Over the decades, the practice evolved into Kirman Eye, an advanced optometric facility caring for thousands of patients each year. Even though the times have changed, at Kirman Eye, one thing remains constant — dedication to our patients' eye health while providing advanced eyewear solutions.


Optometric Pioneers

In the past 50 years, Kirman Eye has been distinguished at having many firsts in the eyecare field in Pennsylvania and nationally. Dr. Shahane Kirman was the first eye doctor east of the Mississippi to perform laser refraction January 17, 1968. Dr. Shahane Kirman was the first doctor in Pennsylvania to fit the Tangent Streak Bifocal contact lens in 1985, two years prior to national FDA approval. Kirman Eye was an investigator for the FDA approval of the Fluorex 700 rigid gas permeable material. Kirman Eye was the first eyecare practice in Pennsylvania to purchase the Heidelberg Retinal Tomograph and incorporate optic nerve tomography into evaluation for routine optic nerve diseases, such as glaucoma. Today, Heidelberg Retinal Tomography is considered an integral part of testing for glaucoma and other optic nerve diseases.

Kirman Eye has been among the first eyecare practitioners in the country to work with innovative new soft lens technology, including the Acuvue Bifocal, the Bausch and Lomb Multifocal, Bausch and Lomb PureVision Lens, the Ciba Vision Focus Night and Day Lens, and Johnson and Johnson’s Acuvue Advance Lens. Contact lens manufacturers recognize Kirman Eye’s specialty fitting capabilities and desire to provide their patients with the most advanced contact lens technology available. In many instances, patients at Kirman Eye enjoy contact lens technology anywhere from three months to two years prior to national release of such technology.



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